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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome:
Ultrasound instead of Surgery?

Until recently, most people thought that surgery was the only option for dealing with carpal tunnel syndrome (pain and inflammation in the forearm, wrist and/or hand). But a new study in the British Medical Journal reveals a potential noninvasive alternative -- ultrasound.

Forty-five patients with carpal tunnel problems in both arms received 20 treatments each over a 6-week period. On each occasion, one wrist was treated with ultrasound and the other with a fake or "sham" ultrasound treatment that appeared to be real.

The findings of the study preliminarily confirmed that ultrasound treatment could provide short-term effectiveness and even achieve satisfying medium-term effects for patients with mild to moderate carpal tunnel syndrome.

This is all good news for those people who are experiencing the effects of carpal tunnel syndrome, especially those who may be afraid to seek care because they don't want surgery. Ask your chiropractor for more information on conservative, nonsurgical options for your pain.

Ebenbichler GR, Resch KL, Nicokakis P, et al. Ultrasound treatment for treating carpal tunnel syndrome: randomised "sham" controlled trial. British Medical Journal, Mar 7, 1998;316(7133), pp.731-35.


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