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Cervical Radiculopathy

This is an acute or chronic condition caused by arthritis (bone spurs) of the neck vertebra along with and loss of disc height in the neck. Arthritis and loss of disc height in the neck are secondary to loss of normal cure of the neck from trauma or bad posture.

Here is one explanation for the cause of this condition. Lack of proper movement in the neck vertebra (subluxations) or an re-injury to the area may cause the bone spurs or the disc to pinch and irritate the nerve root causing it to inflame. Depending on the degree of irritation you may feel sharp shooting pain or numbness and tingling in certain parts of the your hand and fingers.

Chiropractic treatment of restoring proper movement in the neck along with physiotherapy is a safe and effective alternative treatment for this condition.

Another possible cause may be due to a cervical disc herniation. Dr. Youdeem will determine the cause of this problem thru a complete history and examination. He will also present you with the best course of treatment for your condition.


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